WLCSP package electromagnetic simulation (in collaboration with ST Microelectronics – Grenoble)

Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP)

Simulation and optimization (via the use of electromagnetic simulation) of WLCSP packages (solder balls directly deposited on the chip). Learn more about WLCSP here

The goal is to work and propose solutions aimed at minimizing couplings and maximizing RF performance.

The circuits are RF products + STM32 microcontrollers, such as BLE, WiFi, etc.

Experience in EM 2.5D or ideally 3D simulation is required. The targeted simulation tool being Clarity from Cadence.

The internship is done in conjunction with the design and application teams.

The thesis requires an internship at the ST Microelectronics premises in Grenoble.

For further information, contact Luigi Boccia

Hetero Integration as an enabler for radar and communication systems(in collaboration with IMEC – Belgium)

Heterogeneous integration (Image from IMEC)

Introduction: The evolution of wireless technology has been rapidly advancing, and the development of 6G is expected to introduce new opportunities and challenges. Heterogeneous integration technologies have been identified as a key enabler to meet the demands of 6G. This master thesis proposal aims to investigate the electromagnetic design of heterogeneous integration technologies to enable the next generation of wireless 6G.


  • Evaluate state-of-the-art heterogeneous integration technologies for 6G wireless systems.
  • Investigate electromagnetic design considerations and challenges for heterogeneous integration technologies.
  • Develop simulation and optimization techniques for heterogeneous integration technologies to improve the performance of 6G wireless systems.
  • Collaborate with IMEC to validate the developed techniques using their advanced fabrication facilities.

This master thesis will be done in collaboration with IMEC, a world-leading research center in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. IMEC will provide access to their advanced fabrication facilities and support in the validation of the developed techniques.

For further information about the topic, please read here: https://www.imec-int.com/en/articles/heterogeneous-integration-technologies-enable-next-generation-wireless-6g

For further information, contact Luigi Boccia