Design of passive in-package components for 5G applications (in collaboration with ST Microelectronics)

Example of IPD device (From Wikipedia)

Integrated Passive Device versus Discrete Surface Mount Devices (SMD)

Reference technology: Integrated Passive Devices (IPD)

Theses in collaboration with ST MICROELECTRONICS – Catania

1) 4×4 Butler matrix
2) 90° hybrid for Doherty PA input stage
a. Lumped element-based
b. intertwined transformer-based
c. Optional: slow-wave based
3) Doherty PA output stage (inverter + combiner + optional termination
4) Transformer balun for Differential PA
a. Vertically-coupled based
b. Intertwined-based
c. Optional: slow-wave based
5) Comparison between different transmission line topologies
a. Microstrip (ML)
b. Coplanar stripline (CPS) or side stripline
c. Grounded coplanar (GCPW) or not grounded coplanar (CPW)

The thesis require an internship at the ST Microelectronics premises in Catania.

For further information, contact Luigi Boccia