November 2023: Prof. Fortino is Highly Cited Researcher for the 4th time in a row!!! The only italian professor in area computer science!!!

June 2023: Our Phd students Claudia Greco, Bharat Lal and Francesco Giannini are visiting foreign research groups:

Claudia Greco, a PhD Student in ICT of DIMES – Unical, is currently working at University of Vienna (Universität Wien) on code obfuscation of binary programs. She joined the research group of Security and Privacy led by Professor Edgar Weippl. Specifically, she now is in the EMRESS project (Evaluation Models for the Resilience and Stealth of Software Protections and Malware) under the supervision of Professor Sebastian Schrittwieser.

Bharat Lal, a PhD Student in ICT of DIMES – Unical, is currently working at the University of Siegen, Germany, on Compressive Sensing techniques for physiological signals. Specifically, he joined the research centre ZESS (Center for Sensors Systems) at the University of Siegen, Germany, under the supervision of Dr.-Ing. Miguel Heredia Conde.

Francesco Giannini, a PhD Student in ICT of DIMES – Unical, is currently working at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) on data-driven control theory, under the supervision of professor Vicenç Puig.

December 2021: Prof. Fortino was just elevated to IEEE Fellow, class 2022, with the following citation: “for contributions to engineering of IoT-enabled wearable computing systems”

Nov 2021: ** Prof. Giancarlo Fortino is Highly Cited Researcher 2021 by WoS/Clarivate in Computer Science! **

April 2023: Happy to announce Dr. Raffaele Gravina has been just elevated to IEEE Senior Member! After Prof. Giancarlo Fortino’s elevation to IEEE Fellow, the SPEME Lab research group now also counts an IEEE Senior Member!

Jan 2022: IEEE CyberSciTech/PICom/DASC/CBDCom 2022 will be held in Calabria on Sept 2022. The super General Chair co-located conferences is Prof. Fortino.

May 2021: Special track ““Wearable Computing Systems: Devices, Services and Applications” in IEEE CCNC2022, January 2022 – co-chaired by Dr. R. Gravina [CFP]

April 2021: Special track “ Body Sensor Networks in the era of pandemic” in IEEE International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks (BSN2021), virtual conf, July 2021 – co-chaired by Dr. R. Gravina [CFP]

Feb 2021: Brand new site of our SPINE Body of Knowledge (SPINE-BoK) is on!!!

Feb 2021: Brand new IEEE Systems Council TC founded by Prof. Fortino et al!!!

Jan 2021: Raffaele Gravina receives the 2020 Editorial Award of Smart Health Journal (Elsevier)

Nov 2020: ** Prof. Giancarlo Fortino is Highly Cited Researcher 2020 by WoS/Clarivate in Computer Science! **

Dec 2019: 1st edition IEEE International Conference on Human-Machine Systems 2020 ***Extended Deadline***

May 2018: The book, Wearable Computing: From Modeling to Implementation of Wearable Systems based on Body Sensor Networks, Wiley-IEEE Press, authored by Giancarlo Fortino, Raffaele Gravina, Stefano Galzarano, is published

Mar 2018: SenSysCal Srl is selected among the startups at the Italian finale event of the NTT Data Open Innovation Contest in Milan, Italy

Aug 2013: Prof. Fortino will be the General Chair of ICST/EAI/ACM Bodynets 2014.

Jun 2013: IEEE CSCWD 2015 will be held in Calabria. The General Chair will be Prof. Fortino.

Jun 2013: Newsletter on SPINE by Prof. Fortino on IEEE Life Sciences Newsletter.

Jun 2013: Co-Chair of Workshop on Cloud-assisted Smart Cyber-Physical Systems (C-SmartCPS) jointly held with the 10th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC-2013), Dec 18-21, 2013 Sorrento Peninsula, Italy

May 2013: Vice-Chair of BodyNets 2013 and Co-Chair of Special Track on Cloud-assisted CyberPhysical Systems (CCPS) in ACM BodyNets 2013, Sept 30-Oct 2.

Apr 2013: Signed the contract with Wiley for the authored new Book “Wearable Systems and Body Sensor Networks: from modeling to implementation”, authors: G. Fortino, S. Galzarano, R. Gravina

Feb 2013: Since October 2012 Prof. Fortino is Founder Editor, with Prof. A. Liotta (TU/e) of the Springer Book Series on “Internet of Things: Technology, Communications, and Computing” – Book proposals are welcome.

Jan 2013: ** Prof. Fortino is a member of the Editorial Board of Information Fusion (Elsevier) **

Jan 2013: ** Bilateral Joint-Project “Smart Personal Mobility Systems for Human Disabilities in Future Smart Cities” with the Wuhan University of Technology funded by Italian and Chinese Governments**

Dec 2012: ** Website of MAS&S 2013 is ON **

Dec 2012: ** New Events for 2013: Workshops and Special Issues **

Oct 2012: ** Prof. Fortino is elevated to IEEE Senior member **

Oct 2012: ** Prof. Fortino is a member of the Editorial Boards of Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (Elsevier) and Multi-Agent and Grid Systems (IOS Press) **

Sep 24-26: International Symposium IDC 2012

Aug 2012: Special Issue on FGCS Journal on “Integration of Cloud Computing and Body Sensor Networks”

Jun 2012: Special Issue on CERA Journal: best papers from IDC 2012

Jun 2012: Special Issue on ACM/Springer MONET Journal on “Wireless Technology for Pervasive Healthcare”

Apr 2012: ** Prof. Fortino is nominated Guest Professor at Wuhan University of Technology (China) until 2015 **

Apr 2012: IDC 2012 ** Extended Deadline April, 30 **

Mar 2012: Workshop on “Multi-Agent Systems and Simulation” @ FedCSIS 2012 ** Deadline April, 22 **

Mar 2012: Special Session on “Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks” @ IEEE SMC 2012 ** Extended Deadline May, 16 **
Feb 2012: Special Issues on Information Fusion on “Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks”

Nov 2011: Special Issues and Conferences/Workshop organized by the PLASMA group

Mar 2010: PLASMA Group participates to FP7 CONET Project

Nov 30 2010: SenSysCal S.r.l. in Technest (in Italian)

Apr 16, 2010: Foundation of SenSysCal S.r.l., a spin-off of the University of Calabria.