Fluidware. PRIN PROJECT FLUIDWARE FUNDED BY ITALIAN GOVERNMENT (MIUR) N. 2017KRC7KT. The objective of the project is to develop a novel programming model for IoT services and applications, and the associated supporting platform, engineering methodologies, and tools, to ease the development of flexible and robust large-scale IoT services and applications.

COGITO Project – by Italian N.O.P. “Ricerca e Competitività 2014-2020” and “Fondo Crescita Sostenibile”

Inter-IoT Project – funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 687283.

DOMUS (Distretto delle tecnologie infOrmatiche e di coMunicazione per lo svilUppo di ambienti intelligenti e Sostenibili) Consortium – Project 1: “Piattaforma intelligente per il monitoraggio e la gestione della sicurezza in-home di persone e strutture”

SPINE (Signal Processing In Node Environment) project

CONET Project – funded by FP7-ICT – Specific Programme “Cooperation”: Information and communication technologies

TETRis (TETRA Innovative Open Source Services) Project – funded by Italian N.O.P. “Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013”

ENIAC Energy to Smart GRID (E2SG) Project

SILA Project – funded by Italian N.O.P. “Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013”

UBICITEC Consortium

Joint Italy/China Project “Smart Personal Mobility Systems for Human Disabilities in Future Smart Cities

AD-PERSONAS (A Customizable Distributed Platform based on Body Sensor Networks for Pervasive and Continuous Monitoring of Assisted Livings) Project – funded by Italian N.O.P. “Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013” Social Innovation

INMOTO (INformation and MObility for Tourism) Project – funded by by Italian N.O.P. “Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013” Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation