Nov 2023 – Nov 2025 PRIN PNRR 2022: usEr ceNtric plaTform foR continoUS healThcare (ENTRUST) . Dr Savaglio is the vice-PI of the project. The object of the project is defining and realizing an integrated edge-cloud platform capable of satisfying primary needs in continuous control and monitoring of users, improving their life and implementing healthcare solutions in a transparent non-invasive way.


Sept 2023 – Sept 2025 – PRIN 2022: A framework for COntinuum COmputing WEARable Systems (COCOWEARS). Dr. Gravina is the PI and National Coordinator of the project. The objective of the project is to spread (at deployment time and also dynamically) intelligence capabilities among different layers of a Wearable Computing System architecture stack, primarily promoting “on-device” solutions. In particular, FPGA-based approach can accelerate the execution of the AI and ML models by mapping their timing critical cores on parallel hardware, whereas the remaining, low-priority tasks can be dynamically demanded to a microcontroller or to remote/more powerful computer, in the light of a computing continuum.


Cost Action 22104 – Behavioral Next Generation in Wireless Networks for Cyber Security (BEiNG-WISE): Dr. Guzzo is the Unical responsible and Italian MC Member.


Jan 2023-Dec 2025. Horizon Europe RIA Project funded by EC: MLSysOps – Machine Learning for Autonomic System Operation in the Heterogeneous Edge-Cloud Continuum. Prof. Fortino is the Deputy Coordinator of the project whereas Dr. Gravina is the Unical scientific responsible. MLSysOps will achieve substantial research contributions in the realm of AI-based system adaptation across the cloud-edge continuum by introducing advanced methods and tools to enable optimal system management and application deployment.


Jan 2023-Dec 2026. POS Project (Health Operative Program) funded by Minister of Health. Title of the Project: RADIOAMICA (Open Platform for AI-driven Cooperative Radiomics/Radiogenomics). Prof. Fortino is the national coordinator of project and responsible of the Unical research unit. The aim is the analysis, design, implementation and validation of a multi-institutional platform, named RADIOAMICA, for the distributed, cooperative and secure management of data and models (diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive) supporting therapeutic strategies in the oncologic context based on radiomics/radiogenomics.


Jan 2023-Dec 2025. PNRR project FAIR – Future AI Research (PE00000013), Spoke 9 – Green-aware AI, under the NRRP MUR program funded by the NextGenerationEU”. The objective is to develop disruptive radical technologies in the area of Green AI with specific applications in the domains of Internet of Vehicles and Internet of Wearables. Dr. Antonella Guzzo is co-leader of the Task 6 on Green AI applications.

The objective of “Gerontechnology: technological software and devices to meet the needs of older people (AGE.IT)” (PNRR-PE Spoke 9) is to study, design, develop, test and validate the scientific and technological feasibility and acceptability of advanced technologies for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), focusing on novel solutions conceived for broad-ranging living environments, e.g. home, public & working spaces. AGE-IT aims to respond to the need of breakthrough developments and technologies for fostering innovative and disruptive health and care paradigms, increasing quality of life (QoL) in living environments and promoting prevention based on healthy lifestyles and older adults empowerment. Dr. Raffaele Gravina is leader of the task “Noninvasive and interoperable distributed sensor networks” within WP4.


The “Secure and TRaceable Identities in Distributed Environments (STRIDE)” (PNRR-PE Spoke 9) project is mainly involved in research activities in the domains of cryptography and security of distributed systems. The project sees the coexistence of different approaches, so that several sub-topics are considered in the context of (i) cryptographic primitives and protocols, (ii) foundational cryptography and cryptanalysis, (iii) post-quantum cryptography, (iv) digital identity, authentication and accountability, and (v) distributed ledgers and blockchain. STRIDE, in particular, focuses on digital identification and tracking, interpreting this notion also from unconventional perspectives.Dr. Raffaele Gravina is leader of the task “Wearable technologies for physiological biometric authentication and identification” within WP2.

G.A.N.D.A.L.F – Gan Approaches for Non-iiD Aiding Learning in Federation

Sept 2023 – Sept 2025 – PRIN 2022: The GANDALF project aims to address one of the most Federated Learning (FL) challenges, the non-IID problem, in light of the wider scenario of the Edge Artificial Intelligence (Edge-AI). GANDALF will enable a more effective FL on the Edge by integrating innovative machine/deep learning methodologies (i.e. GAN-based approaches) into the non-IID issue. We evaluate our proposal on a use case related to the healthcare domain (e.g. body posture identification/activity recognition for preventing accidental falls) to assess the performance, security, and scalability methods.


Jan 2023-Dec 2025. PNRR project Tech4U, under the NRRP MUR program funded by the NextGenerationEU”. Progetto MUR “Technologies for climate change adaptation and quality of life improvement” (Tech4You), PNRR, Missione 4 Istruzione e ricerca – Componente 2 – Investimento 1.5, finanziato dall’Unione europea – NextGenerationEU”. Budget totale progetto € 118.999.998,80. Budget. Università della Calabria € 36.036.674,00 (CUP H23C22000370006). Progetto Pilota “A platform for easy prototyping vertical solutions” (Spoke 6 – Goal 6.1 PP1).


June 2022- Jun 2025. PRIN Project (Basic Research funding scheme) funded by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research): COMMunity-OrieNted WEARable Computing Systems (COMMON-WEARS). Prof. Fortino is the national coordinator of project and responsible of the Unical research unit. The aim is to create a new AI-based paradigm (formal models, middleware, validation tools) for the development of next-generation Wearable Computing Systems.

Smart Cities Lab

2021-2023. “Smart Cities Lab” Project – POR Calabria FESR FSE 2014-2020 (Action 1.3.2 “Support for the generation of innovative solutions to specific problems of social relevance, also through the use of open innovation environments such as Living Labs”). Objective: development and experimentation of an urban digital ecosystem, capable of support technological and organizational innovation processes for the construction of Integrated Platforms of Products and Services for Smart Cities.

Fluidware. PRIN PROJECT FLUIDWARE FUNDED BY ITALIAN GOVERNMENT (MIUR) N. 2017KRC7KT. The objective of the project is to develop a novel programming model for IoT services and applications, and the associated supporting platform, engineering methodologies, and tools, to ease the development of flexible and robust large-scale IoT services and applications.

COGITO Project – by Italian N.O.P. “Ricerca e Competitività 2014-2020” and “Fondo Crescita Sostenibile”

Inter-IoT Project – funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 687283.

DOMUS (Distretto delle tecnologie infOrmatiche e di coMunicazione per lo svilUppo di ambienti intelligenti e Sostenibili) Consortium – Project 1: “Piattaforma intelligente per il monitoraggio e la gestione della sicurezza in-home di persone e strutture”

SPINE (Signal Processing In Node Environment) project

CONET Project – funded by FP7-ICT – Specific Programme “Cooperation”: Information and communication technologies

TETRis (TETRA Innovative Open Source Services) Project – funded by Italian N.O.P. “Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013”

ENIAC Energy to Smart GRID (E2SG) Project

SILA Project – funded by Italian N.O.P. “Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013”

UBICITEC Consortium

Joint Italy/China Project “Smart Personal Mobility Systems for Human Disabilities in Future Smart Cities

AD-PERSONAS (A Customizable Distributed Platform based on Body Sensor Networks for Pervasive and Continuous Monitoring of Assisted Livings) Project – funded by Italian N.O.P. “Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013” Social Innovation

INMOTO (INformation and MObility for Tourism) Project – funded by by Italian N.O.P. “Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013” Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation